Mindfulness Courses in Dublin

Would you like to reduce the daily stress and anxiety, enhance your self-care and well-being, improve sleep and the overall quality of life? We are all here for a limited time only, why not use our full potential and apply the art of mindfulness in our lives as much as we can?

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to whatever is happening in the present moment with kindness towards ourselves and our experience, and without judgement. It s a way of “being” so that we are as fully awake as possible in every moment regardless of what we are doing.

It might not be easy at the beginning, however, there are mindfulness courses available where you can learn how to fully enjoy the present moment.

Mindfulness courses are for anyone wishing to live a more peaceful and balanced life as well as for those who are dealing with stress or illness of any kind. For people being treated for medical or psychological conditions, the Mindfulness MBSR course is a complement to, not a substitute for, the professional care of their doctor or therapist.

Seamus Connolly has been practicing and teaching mindfulness for over 24 years. He is in Supervision with a Centre for Mindfulness Supervisor and adheres to the Centre’s code of ethics for Mindfulness Teachers.

Please, call now on 086 8206358 to find out more about mindfulness courses in Dublin.

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Tuesday October 3rd 2023

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