Mindfulness – Why Now?

Mindfulness: Why Now?

Because You are here…… Now!

Mindfulness is starting over, starting over again and again so that each moment is experienced as the new moment it actually is. This means that we are truly present, truly present to whatever our experience is as it is happening.

This is a great tool to be in more charge of our lives because it provides us with the awareness to know exactly what we are experiencing right now. Take a moment to try it now, if you like, to see how much you can know about your experience of yourself in a deliberate and conscious moment of presence to yourself.

If you can notice the physical sensation of the phone or Tablet in your hand you can say to yourself I feel the smooth sensation in my fingers, making yourself consciously aware of it. Or a moment later you may become aware of your body in your chair or the movement of your legs if you are walking and you realise that you were not aware for a while. That too is present moment awareness.

You can also become aware in that conscious moment that it is time to slow down for the junction up ahead. In mindfulness you can experience yourself getting there and not just arriving suddenly as if you had not actually walked there at all. Mindfulness practice enables us to have this clear sharp fully experienced experience of ourselves and our actions at any and all times we choose to truly pay attention to the present moment and to the next present moment and the next one. Time and our experience of time are transformed in this way. Everything is more alive, everything can become a choice. Nothing is wasted or lost. We don’t forget anymore.

You have turned up to this page as a result of a conscious decision to do so. Turning up consciously is the first attribute of mindfulness. We may turn up in body but be elsewhere in mind or emotion. Or we may turn up in mind but be unaware of how we are in our bodies or feelings. We all have our automatic ways of being and acting. Our automatic pilot is always switched on, so much so that we don’t even know we have one. So, it rarely occurs to us to switch it off and to consciously decide how we will be and act. Doing this is starting over, turning up consciously and being in the only moment that actually exists, the present one.

From alarm clock to work contains hundreds of moments which are usually a blur. Imagine savouring every one of them. Imagine seeing the brilliance of Autumn leaves as if you were looking at them leaping out of a painting. Imagine feeling the silky cool softness of drops of rain on your face and being right there in that experience.

Imagination is not necessary, just being right there, awake, is. This enables us to notice the actual experience of the moment.
Then we can truly choose how to be, how to communicate, and how to act.

Mindfulness = Conscious Choice = Freedom.

Mindfulness is always Now, when we are aware. There is no Why Now?!

mindfulness course

MBSR Mindfulness Course in Dublin 24 – Autumn 2023.

The next 8 week MBSR Mindfulness course starts on Tuesday October 3rd 2023

Venue: Threshold Training Network, Main Road, Tallaght,  Dublin 24.

Schedule for the next Course: Tuesday evenings from 7.00 to 9.30pm plus I Day on Saturday November 21st from 10.00am to 5.00pm.
This 27 hour Mindfulness course provides training and support on the use of mindfulness for stress reduction and improved quality of life.
MBSR is the definitive mindfulness course and the one on which the research evidence for mindfulness is based. It was developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn and Co.

This course is effective in:

  • supporting participants to develop an ongoing mindfulness practice
  • improving mental clarity and peace of mind
  • reducing stress and developing effective ways to respond rather than react to stress
  • reducing anxiety,
  • improving sleep
  • improving capacity to deal with pain, illness and other difficult life situations

improving overall quality of life

For further information on this course email Seamus here

or phone: 086 8206358.

Course materials supplied and included in the cost are a Course Handbook and Guided Practice CDs

Cost: €300 – For further information on course costs, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Page

To apply please fill in the Application Form here.

For information on other courses email Seamus here.

mindfulness course in dublin

Mindfulness Renewal Day – Autumn 2023.

The next Mindfulness Renewal Day will be held on Saturday November 25th.

Venue: Threshold Training Network, Main Road, Tallaght,  Dublin 24. Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm

This class is for anyone who has completed either an Introductory Course or an MBSR course. It reviews and deepens all the practices.

For further information on this course email Seamus here

or phone: 086 8206358.

For information on other courses email Seamus here.

mindfulness renewal course

Introductory Mindfulness for Self-Care Course – 2023 Date to be announced.

The next Introductory Mindfulness for Self-Care course 2023 date to be announced

This is a 1.5 hour 6 week morning course starting at 10.45am each morning.

Venue: To be announced.

The principal mindfulness practices are introduced on this course. Practice CDs and aids to home practice are provided. No experience of mindfulness is needed and participation is open to all.

This Course supports participants to:

      • begin their own mindfulness practice
        • enhance self-care and overall wellbeing

How Mindfulness Eases Stress

Life is often stressful. For most of us that is inevitable and unavoidable. We cannot be fully in charge of everything that happens in our lives, BUT, we can be in charge of how we respond to difficulties.

When a stressful event happens we tend to react. We perceive the situation as uncomfortable, wrong, harmful, unfair or whatever. Then we react automatically to protect ourselves in ways that are often not appropriate or really helpful for us. We tend to have the same reactions over and over again. Usually they add to the original cause of the stress!

Mindfulness teaches us the skills to respond rather than react to stress. When we respond we are conscious of what we do not like in the situation but not overwhelmed by it. We are more able to maintain our own integrity. We are able to chose how we will speak or act so that we become more calm and effective in dealing with the stress.

A course in mindfulness helps us get back in charge without hurt or harm to ourselves or others when there is stress.

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