How Mindfulness Eases Stress

Life is often stressful. For most of us that is inevitable and unavoidable. We cannot be fully in charge of everything that happens in our lives, BUT, we can be in charge of how we respond to difficulties.

When a stressful event happens we tend to react. We perceive the situation as uncomfortable, wrong, harmful, unfair or whatever. Then we react automatically to protect ourselves in ways that are often not appropriate or really helpful for us. We tend to have the same reactions over and over again. Usually they add to the original cause of the stress!

Mindfulness teaches us the skills to respond rather than react to stress. When we respond we are conscious of what we do not like in the situation but not overwhelmed by it. We are more able to maintain our own integrity. We are able to chose how we will speak or act so that we become more calm and effective in dealing with the stress.

A course in mindfulness helps us get back in charge without hurt or harm to ourselves or others when there is stress.

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